8:00 Registration and Breakfast

8:45 Opening Remarks

9:00 Melanie Mitchell: Conceptual Abstraction and Analogy in Humans and AI Systems (Recording Link)

9:30 Alison Gopnik: Function and Phenomenology: Does Explore/Exploit map to Lantern/Spotlight? (Recording Link)

10:00 Coffee break

10:30 Ryota Kanai: Consciousness in the Brain and Machine (Recording Link)

11:00 Jonathan Simon: Algorithm-Level Approaches to the Small Networks Problem for the Science of Consciousness (Recording Link)

11:30 Megan Peters: Lessons from Human Metacognition and Consciousness for the Development of AI (Recording Link)

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Yoshua Bengio: GFlowNets, Global Workspace, Reasoning and Ineffability (Recording Link)

14:00 Jaan Aru: Neurobiology of Cognition and Consciousness (Recording Link)

14:30 Matthew Larkum: But Do the Biological Details Really Matter? (Recording Link)

15:00 Coffee Break

15:30 Gillian Hadfield: Does AI Need to be Conscious to be Cooperative? (Recording Link)

16:00 Blaise Aguera y Arcas: Sequence modeling and consciousness (Recording Link)

17:00 Panel Discussion (Recording Link)

18:00 Reception + Generative AI Art Performances